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Our Story

   What Drives Mac & Mroc   

For founder Natalie Brown, skincare and wellbeing have been life-long passions, with nature’s plants always at the heart. With a strong desire to treat skin from a natural perspective, this passion propelled her to train in beauty therapy and massage, and to study areas of personal interest including herbal medicine, anatomy, and nutrition. 


Combining her training with her passion for botanicals, Natalie began blending plant-based formulas to treat her own skin. With a background in research, Natalie has devoted years to investigating the complexities behind skin issues and discovering the powerful benefits of botanicals. This personal passion quickly progressed to developing products to address skin concerns of family and friends, such as eczema, psoriasis, sensitive and dry skin. Natalie also found that poor sleep and stress were concerns that people needed help with and this resulted in her Sleeping Oil blends, created to assist others to relax and experience better quality sleep.


From here, Natalie’s inspiration grew to share her passion and formulate products harnessing nature’s powerful botanicals, sourcing the highest quality ingredients. The culmination of years of research and blending of botanicals has resulted in pure and potent solutions for mind and body wellness, nurturing from a wholistic perspective physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Natalie also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), a Graduate Diploma (Education) and Master of Education by research. With a holistic approach to life, Natalie believes natural based products, nutrition, exercise and sleep are vital components to wellbeing and draws on her varied background to educate and inspire passion for natural wholistic living. 

Our Philosophy

Mac & Mroc was founded with the mission of formulating face, body and wellness oils from a socially conscious perspective, using ethical and sustainable botanicals. Our priority is to formulate products that are natural, 100% plant based, toxin and cruelty free. 

Through the synergy of potent botanicals, we create nutritive formulations designed to care for the body and to enhance the way we feel.

Our Ingredients

All our product formulations are designed by Natalie and handcrafted from ingredients that are purely plant based, toxic free and cruelty free. We incorporate both organic and non-organic ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced and are of the highest quality. Our products are vegan friendly and are not tested on animals. Supporting Australian producers is also important to us and we are dedicated to incorporating these where possible. Botanical ingredients that are threatened or endangered are not included in our range.

Ingredients We Choose Not to Use

Argan Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Juniper Berry

Camelia Oil

Indian Sandalwood


Roman Chamomile


This list will continue to be updated.

Australian Ingredients We Use


We endeavour to use Australian oils in our products where and when possible and available.


Australian Essential Oils:

Buddha Wood




Lemon Myrtle



Rose Australia


Sweet Orange

White Cypress


Australian Carrier Oils:

Organic Olive

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